From recovering deleted items to selecting multiple messages, here are some useful iPhone tips and tricks you might have slept on.

Recover deleted item: Shake your iPhone and it will open an 'Undo Delete' option on the screen which will let you recover deleted items instantly. 

Video recording: Open your camera app and press and hold the shutter icon to instantly record videos. Keep holding and swipe up or down to zoom. 

Text using one hand: iPhone screens can make it difficult to text. Press down on the keyboard button at the bottom right and switch over to the condensed keyboard. You can keep it either to the left or right.

Select multiple messages at once: Take two fingers and swipe up on all the messages as this will select everything at once. 

Recording with commentary: Swipe down from the top of the screen, click on the screen recording option, then toggle the microphone icon to on. Now you can add narration while recording. 

Access calculator: While working on Safari or any other app, to add in some instant calculations, swipe down from the top right and click on the calculator icon in the Control Centre. 

Haptic 3D touch: This can be useful to make the flashlight brighter, set a timer, and even connect to Bluetooth devices faster. It is convenient as it eliminates the need to go to the settings and various other options. It eases design complexity.


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