Xiaomi recently unveiled the Cyberdog 2, a smarter version of its predecessor.

The new robotic canine has a proper head this time and a build that resembles a Doberman. It's also 16% smaller and 40% lighter.

The Cyberdog 2 comes with new features like an e-prism skin that changes colour and gets an improved, more realistic behaviour.

It can also do backflips, skateboarding, and play fetch. Users can interact with Cyberdog 2 using gestures, touch, and voice and even ask it to follow you around.

The robotic canine can also act as a real puppy, sensing and responding to the needs of its owner.

The Xiaomi Cyberdog 2 is designed for developers and enthusiasts and there's no word if it'll make it outside of China. It is priced at 12,999 Yuan, which roughly translates to Rs 1.5 lakh.


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